Emiliano Revert


Emiliano is a composer based in Argentina with a background in violin performance with a degree from the Manuel de Falla Conservatory and is currently pursuing a degree in Composition from the National University of Arts.

Having to bring to life his music using digital machine in the past, he was able to start working with various other instrumentalists during his third year at the university working closely together with them, composing works for particular projects keeping in mind the balance between what a composer composes and what the instrumentalists needs and abilities are in mind.

He has composed several works from solo to small chamber works to full orchestral projects. He has found great joy and pleasure working with people from around the globe, collaborating together keeping in mind what each individual needs are to the particular project is.

Emiliano is always searching for new projects and is happy to work and collaborate with any musical art form. He can be reached at:



In this section, here you can find a few interviews that Mr. Revert has done talking about his compositions and what he faced during the pandemic in 2020. What he found during this difficult time was that he was able to reconnect and connect with countless musicians around the world specifically thru the internet and still compose solo and chamber music works even though there were great distances between them.

He also found that during these collaborations, he could work in real time with the various musicians what collectively their musical intentions are and work together to make something magical happen. Another wonderful thing that happened especially during this time period was that working together with the various musicians, it was a special opportunity for the musician to work with a living composer and to be able to communicate what can and cannot work thus creating a more clear and interesting outcome of the piece.

Emiliano feels comfortable composing in many genres of music because this is a key component to communicate in various styles of music. When one communicates in a certain way, he gains inspiration to compose and having all these different ways to express the music, what one likes, dislikes, to feel the challenges, that to him is a great starting point from where to start and compose from.

Composition & Orchestrations

Here there are a few compositions that were created upon request, except for the orchestrations that were made only for joy.


Feel free to contact him at


Buenos Aires Argentina


+54 9 11 3611 1688